Object name: Shophar
Date: 1680-1939
30 x 115 x 15 mm
Medium: Horn
Object number: C01156
DescriptionThis object is a shophar, a ritual trumpet of Jewish religious origins and made of ram's horn.

It was recovered from the Thames near Vauxhall London in 1850 and found its way to the collectors Richard Cuming and his son Henry Syer Cuming who were creating a 'miniature British Museum' collection in their home on the Walworth Road in south London.

Originally documented as pre-1290, recent carbon dating has proved it to be from the late 17th century.

In the past Shophar were used to sound a warning or summons. They are still used in religious ceremonies today.

The shophar is now on display at the Southwark Heritage Centre and Walworth Library, 145-147 Walworth Road, London SE17 1FZ.
Culture: jewish