Sarah Lucas

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Sarah Lucas

born 1962

born 1962, London

English sculptor, photographer and installation artist.

Sarah Lucas is a contemporary British artist. She studied at the Working Men's College (1982–3), London College of Printing (1983–4), and Goldsmith's College (1984-7). Following her graduation, Lucas participated in Damien Hirst's infamous "Freeze" exhibition (1988), and moved on to establish a name for herself as one of the major Young British Artists (YBA). Lucas is best known for her multimedia sculpture and often incorporates elements of readymades (or found items) into her work. Lucas' art is considered highly provocative, particularly her series of self-portraits which brazenly confront issues of gender, sexual stereotyping and depictions of the naked body. Lucas plays heavily on wit, using both sexual imagery and visual puns in order to challenge the viewer. Recently, Lucas has enjoyed immense success exhibiting in both solo and group shows at many major arts institutions in London and New York, whilst also continuing to exhibit in lesser known and unconventional spaces.