Leslie G Davie

Leslie G Davie

1909 - 1999

Born London. Studied painting and engraving at Goldsmith's College.
1938 moved to France - rented Gaughin's studio - also worked in Paris.
After war took an ATD at Goldsmith's and studied pottery. Taught Bermondsey.
Moved to Rye 1949 and commuted weekly to London. In 1955 obtained teaching job at Rye Secondary Modern. Retired 1970.

Founded Needles Pottery in 1950s and together with wife Ethel, who became a hand-weaver, founded Needles Studio.

With Geoffrey Bagley, William Warden and Wally Cole founded Rye Society of Artists.

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Contact: Rosemary Bagley, 4 Church Square, Rye TN31 7HE 01797 223254