Leon Piesowocki

Leon Piesowocki

born 1925

Born in 1925, Poznan, Poland.

Polish painter, printmaker, illustrator and stage desginer.

Leon Piesowocki is half Polish, half German. During WWII he was drafted into the German army but later defected over to the British. In 1945 Piesowocki obtained a scholarship at the Academy of Rome and a year later received another scholarship to continue his studies in London at Sir John Cass College of Art. Piesowocki quickly established himself as a commercial artist and obtained British citizenship in 1949. Piesowocki has exhibited across the world and has lived and worked in Southern France since 1976. Paintings and graphic work often include female nudes.

British collections which hold examples of Piesowocki's work include the Victoria and Albert Museum, the Arts Council, the British Council, and the University of Sterling, among others. National museums in Poznan and Warsaw, Poland, also hold examples.